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Well hello! How was your week? Mine was weird because I was stuck in between being totally sick and feeling just fine for most of it, so I didn't really do much besides watch TV shows and read. I'm not complaining. Also, Dann turns 30 in one week, so I had to rest up to make sure I'm well enough for all the celebrating we're going to be doing. When it comes to birthdays, I say go big or go home. Yesterday I made the french toast in the photo for lunch because Dann ate it on tour last time he went out and recently discovered that the recipe was from The Pioneer Woman. It was so easy! And delicious. Anyway. Here are some of my favorite things from The Internet lately - just for you. Enjoy!

Irrepressible joy. (From my sister, who thought it would make me laugh.)

You heard about this, right?

This makes me pretty proud of my home state.

How cool are these kids?

I've made way too many Christmas cookies, but maybe there's room for a few of these.

This sounds ridiculous and awesome. Maybe I'll host one next year...

"I love how the distributed word is eternal." - Derek Sivers, on the importance of writing.