Monday Music: Christmas Faves

If you're anything like me, your Christmas tree is all set up, your tickets to The Nutcracker have been purchased, and all of your devices will be playing Christmas tunes for the next month.

Besides the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas, the records above are some of my favorites. Sufjan's Songs For Christmas is beautiful and interesting and quirky in all the right ways. The Christmas stuff he released last year is wacky, though, so if you're looking for the good stuff make sure you don't get confused. 

We grew up with a vinyl record player in the house (which my parents still use), and The Carpenters' Christmas Portrait was one we always had on repeat this time of year. I can remember feeling deeply saddened when my parents explained to me how Karen Carpenter died. She had such a beautiful voice, but did you know she got her start as a drummer?

Mindy Smith's My Holiday came out in 2007 and I'm pretty sure the song 'Follow The Shepherd Home' carried me through the 2008 holiday season. Really, though, what's not to love about Mindy Smith? That's right, nothing. The whole record is fantastic.

And finally, Nat King Cole's The Christmas Song is basically THE Christmas record, right? When he sings "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire", it's like I can feel peace and comfort and warmth all the way down to my toes. There's power in music, I tell you.

What are your favorite holiday jams? 

Oh! And! The winner of the giveaway blogtern, Janell! She may have stacked the deck, but there wasn't any rule against doing so. Clever girl.