ThanksGIVING Party Success!


When I added the goal “Volunteer At Denver Rescue Mission For At Least One Meal” to my list of summer goals on Go Mighty, I did not imagine it would lead to an all-out blogger party at one of Denver’s best breakfast restaurants. And yet there we were last Thursday night, eating pancakes and collecting food and looking fly in our “I’m thankful for…” photo booth pics.

See, I was so inspired by the chef I worked with during that dinner shift back in July that I contacted the mission and asked to set up an interview with him. I connected with Aneta (who has a blog and also works for the mission), and we brainstormed some ways that local bloggers might be able to help meet the needs of our city. I recruited Sarah and Hannah and the four of us got together to talk about what we could do with our blogs to support the mission’s holiday drives and campaigns.


During that first in-person conversation, Aneta told us that the first pressing need would be the Thanksgiving Turkey Drive and we started talking about doing some sort of collection event. Sarah mentioned that she’d been thinking about organizing a blogger meet-up anyway, and we decided to combine the two. I imagined something like a scene from Sex and the City - ladies dressed to the nines in heels, standing in line to get into a party, holding fifteen pound turkeys. I knew we had to make it happen.


Snooze hooked us up with food and drinks and the friendliest, most hospitable service we could ever have asked for. We collected raffle prizes from The Populist, Old Major, Basecoat, TAPS, Decade, Former Future, R.L. Linden, Justin’s, Bonnie Brae Ice Cream, Core Power Yoga, Happy Coffee, Denver Bicycle Cafe, and Salvagetti. The generosity and easy willingness to participate that we encountered from each of these businesses was incredible. It made me feel proud to be a Denverite, knowing that such awesome people live and work here. Plus, the partygoers got some pretty sweet treats in exchange for their food donations.


And in the end we collected 30 turkeys, exceeding my personal hopes and dreams by 50%.


So now we head into winter here in Denver (we’re supposed to get our first real snow on Thursday), and the reality is that there are still people in need out there even though our party was a success. The truth is there are people in need, everywhere, all year long. Denver Rescue Mission is still collecting turkeys, and they still need a lot of them. If you’re so inclined, you can find out more about how to donate (from anywhere!) here.


I’m so thankful to live in a place where people show up to do good like this. I’m thankful for the attitudes of everyone who decided it was worthwhile to give their time, money, resources, and talents to make this thing happen. It’s how good happens in the world, and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. 

The lovely and talented Rachel Greiman took all these fantastic photos.