You Ready?


Guys. In just one week, more than 30 of you have RSVP’d to our Thanks GIVING Party, and I could not be more excited about your willingness to get in on this goodness.

Those of you who have already said you're coming win the superstar awards, because you committed to joining in without even knowing what the prizes are. You said you’d come and bring a turkey or some canned goods, even though it was entirely possible that your contributions might win you, at best, a Denver Rescue Mission water bottle.

Lucky for you, Denver Rescue Mission doesn’t have water bottles.

Even luckier for you, we’ve got some fantastic prizes from some incredibly generous local businesses. Like, such as:

Basecoat Modern Nail Salon 

TAPS Dance 

The Populist 

Give With JOY 

Former Future Brewing Company 

R.L. Linden & co 

Justin’s Nut Butters

MCA Denver

That’s right, folks. And that’s just what we’ve been able to get in one week. Imagine what we might add in the next two weeks leading up to the party. I mean, no promises but maybe we might give away a new car. Okay, probably not. But you never know.

So what are you waiting for? Send your RSVP! Pick up a turkey! Let’s do some good!