Lately, From The Library


I’m on a bit of a George Saunders kick. His story Victory Lap knocked the wind out of me the first time I read it a few weeks ago, and I think it may be my perfect short story. So I checked out all of his books that I could find and so far, I haven’t been disappointed. I’m alternating authors to break up the stack of George Saunders so that I don't run out of George Saunders too quickly.

I’m currently in the middle of Help Thanks Wow and I know it’s old news, but I adore Anne Lamott. There are so many things I’ve never known quite how to say that she puts into words with authority and humor and grace. For example: 

"Human lives are hard, even those of health and privilege, and don't make much sense. This is the message of the Book of Job: Any snappy explanation of suffering you come up with will be horseshit."

And finally, I recently spent 8 weeks in a short story workshop where we read a bunch of good stories, including one by Amy Hempel that had me racked with sobs by the end. I picked up this collection of her stories because I want to know what else she has to offer. I'm hoping she's on par with George Saunders. 

What are you reading these days?