For The Record: A Weekend In Telluride

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may already know that I spent the weekend with my mom and sisters in Telluride. We had a blast and the scenery was breathtaking from the moment we left home to the moment we got back. Plus we got to celebrate my sister Kate's 27th birthday with dinner at the top of a mountain, so overall it was a pretty okay trip.

Since getting married, I have craved stories about the youth of my parents. There's something about starting a new little family that has prompted me to want to know all I can about the one I started out in, where it came from and how it's connected to me, how it's shaped me.  

When I found out that both my brother's wife and my sister are planning to birth their firstborns before February of next year, my desire to have a record of our family history kicked into overdrive. I want these kids to know they are loved, that they come from a long line of people who have worked hard, played hard, struggled, triumphed, and really lived.  

One of my favorite stories is the one about the time my mom, her two sisters, and her mom took a trip to Vegas together. One night the fire alarm went off in their hotel and my mom and aunts had to get my grandma down the stairs in a wheelchair. Before leaving the room, my grandma insisted they get her can full of quarters so she could hold it in her lap. My mom cries tears of laughter at the memory every time she recounts the story of the wheelchair bumping down the stairs, quarters jingling all the way.

So over the summer, when we found out that my pregnant sister and her husband were planning to move back to Denver, I decided it was time for a weekend trip with my mom and my sisters. My mom took a few similar trips with her own mom and sisters when they were all living, and it just seemed like the best way to welcome my sister (and her little fruit roll-up) back home.

I think we laughed the hardest when our gondola car took off from the mountain in the dark after Kate's birthday dinner. We picked up speed and my mom shrieked and we were all a bit nervous and the memory is one I will cherish forever.