Happy Birthday Geebs!


This kid.

He's one of my favorites and today he turns 20.   

Not to worry, he's outgrown the braces and the awkward haircut and now he's an engineering student and one of the absolute funniest people I know. Case in point: when he found out last week that I'd told my mom I didn't think I could make his birthday dinner, the following exchange took place via text message.

Justin: You're going to TAP CLASS?! 

Me: Bahahahaha. Do you really want us to come? 

Justin: Duh, I wouldn't be as mad if you were going to miss it for something real. 

Me: Tap class is real, Justin. I'm performing on November 2nd and GETTING PAID. So, basically, I'm a professional. 

Justin: What?! That's awesome. You don't really have to come if you're like rehearsing or something. 

Me: No - I think we can come. I just talked to Dann and he wants to! I'll just skip tap next week. We'll be there. 

Justin: Wu Tang. 

Me: PS - I met Rahzel!! If you don't know who he is, google him. 

Justin: I know! He's the king of beatboxing right?  

Me: Yeah! 

Justin: Where did you meet him?  

Me: Long story, but I delivered him food when he was here with ?uestlove on Saturday night. 

Justin: Well that's sweet! Did you score a pic? 

Me: No. Just walked up and said "Hi, I'm Jenny!" 

Justin: You do have a way with famous black people. 

Me: Still got it. 

Justin: Did he lay down any phat beats? Did Dann go kit vs. spit? 

Me: Hahahaha - no but he totally could have. They had a drummer planted in the crowd. 

Justin: Opportunity wasted. JK

Me: Well whaddya want for your big two zero? 

Justin: More years to be a teenager. 


Happy birthday, baby brother. And for what it's worth, being a teenager is overrated - you're just getting started!