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Whoa, Friday afternoon. I didn't see you there, you sneaky devil. You'd think I slept until 10 and walked to Starbucks and took my time getting the day started. If you didn't know any better, that is. Sadly, the snow forecast for Denver has yet to show itself here, though it is much colder than it was yesterday. Christmas is coming, ya'll. In other news, the beautiful camera bag in the photo above is possibly the prettiest thing I own. It was a birthday gift from my sweet sisters and mom and dear friends and I just got it yesterday. I am one lucky lady. Anyway, here are my favorite things from The Internet lately - just for you. Enjoy!

Maybe I've done this at home while sober and on my period. What?

Shutdown shmutdown

Oh dear. This made me terribly weepy. What a wonderful idea. (Via)

Three cheers for literary fiction

"What are we doing with the internet, people?" SOCKTOBER

And finally, this week from my blogtern, super interesting photos from this book.