Monday Music: Justin Timberlake

photo (2).JPG

Once upon a time, I was close enough to Justin Timberlake to snap this photo of him dancing around onstage in a John Elway jersey.

It was during an 'N Sync concert at McNichols and it was the most fun I had ever had up to that point in my life. I was only 17, and I knew what that meant for the legal implications should I have decided to try and jump on the stage and kiss him. Don't worry, I was too chicken.

Also, I definitely had this Disney concert on a VHS tape that I used to watch every day after school. I thought it might be a nice Monday treat for you. It's no surprise, based on the individual quotes at the very end, that Justin is the only one still working in the music industry. Joey's advice is to "work on your weaknesses", Lance's advice is to "always have something to fall back on", Chris doesn't even really give advice, just says "you could be a nobody one day, a big star the next day, and a nobody the day after that", and the best JC could come up with was "respect everybody". I mean, not bad, but Justin actually talks about working on one's craft and the dedication it takes to make it. 

All of this to say, folks, that if you haven't yet purchased the new single from Justin and Jay-Z, you should do so right now. Check out the video of Justin looking like Frank Sinatra kicking it in the studio, and then buy the song. Do it now. Go.