Thankful On Thursday

Do you remember this post?

Well, I turned it into an article for Conspire Magazine and it has been published in real, live print! 

You can't read my article online, but you can see my name in the table of contents. And if you really want to read the whole thing, you can subscribe to Conspire. (Or shoot me an email if you don't have $35 and I'll hook you up.)

I've been feeling a bit discouraged about my writing lately, in part due to the fact that quite a few of you seem to be unable to leave comments here (Has this happened to you? Will you email me if it happens again?) and sometimes it's easy to feel like I'm wasting time if no one's responding to what I write.

Then I have a day like yesterday when I remember writing something I felt really proud of, that I worked hard on, that someone thought was worth printing in a magazine. And I remember that Anne Lamott said "No one cares if you write, so you have to." And I remember that before the age of the Internet and online "publishing", no one would have commented on my writing anyway. 

So here's what I'm thankful for today. I'm thankful for the ability to use the Internet to write things that people can read instantly. I'm thankful (still) for the opportunity and freedom to write every day instead of having to go to a regular job. I'm thankful for the editor I worked with at Conspire who encouraged me and gave me good, constructive feedback. I'm thankful for you, whoever you are, that you're here and you're reading, whether you comment or not.

What are you thankful for today?