Lately, From The Library

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Good morning! I'm going to see my book club tonight, for the first time since before Christmas. I'm excited to see them all and catch up. Last time we met they tried to convince me to apply for an open job at their school and start teaching again full-time in the middle of the school year. I considered it for about .2 seconds. 

My latest stack of books from the library includes two that I had to pick up because I'd heard so much about them. I came across the titles Just Kids and Gone Girl over and over throughout the last couple of years, so I figured it was time to check them out. I finished Just Kids over the weekend and it was phenomenal. I'm about 100 pages into Gone Girl and, so far, I don't want to put it down.

The Hungry Ear is a collection of poems about food and drink, so I think I may eventually just buy it. I haven't read all the way through, but it's got some Gwendolyn Brooks and some Wendell Berry and some Langston Hughes. So.

Code Name Verity and Among Others may have to go back to the library before I finish reading them, since I'm out of renewals. We'll see how much reading I can get done in the next couple of weeks.

What are you reading these days?