Thankful On Thursday


Yesterday marked three years since my sister Amy married her husband, Caleb.

Oh my, what a wedding it was.

Today I am thankful for Caleb and Amy and their decision to marry one another. Their individual personalities have blessed me immeasurably, and their union is one that encourages and inspires me regularly.

I'm thankful for their willingness to sit and listen and ask great questions and remember all the details.

I'm thankful for their intentional way of living in community with those around them, challenging as it may be.

I'm thankful for their shared desire to love the poor.

I'm thankful for the example they set when it comes to seeking the kingdom of God, in the literal, practical ways that Jesus talked about.

Most of all, I'm thankful that they chose each other, that they stepped into the covenant of marriage together, and that I have been able to see what comes of such a commitment over the last three years.

So here's to you, Caleb and Amy. To three years (plus one day) of marriage, and a lifetime together that is yet to come.