Go Mighty + Tap Class

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Have you heard of Go Mighty

It was started by Maggie Mason, also known as Mighty Girl, and I joined the party last week.

The idea behind Go Mighty is that people join this online community, share their life goals, and then hopefully get some corporate sponsorship to make them happen. If you've ever read my bucket list, you know that one of my life goals is to perform a tap routine with a group of people on a stage in front of an audience. I just think it'd be fun.

I took dance classes off and on for most of my childhood, but after I outgrew the tap/ballet combo class (at age...? 6? 7?) I never took tap again.


This afternoon I will be attending my first grown-up tap class with my sister Kate. It should be a roaring good time.

And hopefully, if Olay or some other killer corporate sponsor is out there reading, I'll get some help paying for the classes and the shoes and whatever other costume pieces I may need to make this dream happen. 

We've only got this one life, guys, and I really don't think we should take it so seriously that we forget to enjoy it. When I have more details about the performance, I'll be sure to let you know.