Colorado Gives Day


It's Colorado Gives Day!

What is Colorado Gives Day, you ask?

Well let me tell you. According to its website, it's "an initiative to increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving." 

On Colorado Gives Day, 100% of donations go directly to the organizations AND FirstBank will match donations to each organization.

You must make a minimum $10 donation, but that's really the only rule.

If you're looking for a good, tangible way to love your neighbor this Christmas, today is your lucky day!

It's this simple:

1) Visit

2) Choose from more than 1000 organizations - you can search by neighborhood, by a cause (health care, education, etc.), or by the name of a specific organization

3) Make your payment (anonymously and/or in memory of someone, if you wish) and help those in need

Keep in mind, the 100% donations and FirstBank matching are only happening TODAY, so maybe just stop what you're doing and decide now where you'll give. Do it now. Go.