Monday Music: Punch Brothers


Good morning!

Have you heard of Punch Brothers?

I hadn't until this morning. Imagine how delighted I was to discover that Chris Thile, who used to be a part of Nickel Creek (who I loved) has this whole new band he's been making music with since 2008. What?! Also, they're playing in Boulder on Sunday and if you are interested in going you should call me.

Imagine how much more delighted I was to discover that this band recorded maybe my favorite Christmas song ever, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.

You can listen to it over and over for free on soundcloud, or buy it from itunes for $1.29 and keep it forever. I paid for it. That's how much I like it.

Also, the winner of the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack giveaway is Amy! Spruce House - it's headed your way!

Happy Monday and Happy Christmas to you.