Cake pops!.png

Good morning! Happy Friday! Aren't those cake pops lovely? My friend Mary made them and they were delicious. I wish I took more than two.

We leave for the mountains tomorrow and I am so excited to get up there, see all my family, eat delicious food, rest, read, and revel in the joy of Christmas. I will not be taking my computer, which means there will be no posts here at The Propulsion System next week. Except I may share a highly entertaining email thread with you at some point, just so you can know what kind of hilarious company I'm keeping while I'm gone. For now, here are my favorite things from the Internet lately - just for you. Enjoy!

I'm pretty sure this kind of support is all most teachers really want.

Awesome? Or terrifying?

Who else can identify with this whole thing? The wheels are turning for my 2013 goals...

I have only heard six of these. Dang it.

"I don't know if you know this, but a goose poops 28 times a day." Hahahaha.

I can't wait for this movie!

This is fascinating and beautiful and made me want to bring back the Carte de visite. 

A fantastic collection.