And Back Again

Well hello.

I'm sorry I didn't show up to post music for you yesterday, but we were in the middle of switching Internet service providers and didn't have a connection until last night.

I found myself spending a lot of time yesterday thinking about whether and how to add my voice to all the others talking about what went down in Connecticut on Friday. I tend to be a verbal processor and sometimes I just need to say what I'm thinking to be able to work through things - even if what I'm thinking is something completely ridiculous. That's not who I want to be as a writer, though, but writing about music and Christmas cookie recipes and the parties I went to over the weekend just doesn't seem at all valuable right now either.

I read in the news this morning that most of the kids in Newtown, CT are heading back to school today and it brought me comfort and hope that they will be okay. It felt like a tiny indication that they're going to be able to get back to regular life again. 

So instead of trying to say something original, I thought today I'd share some of my favorite responses to this tragedy over the last few days. If there's hope to be found, I believe it's in the way we respond. May their words bring you comfort and hope as well.

Sarah Bessey

Ann Curry

President Obama

Rachel Demy