Monday Music: Vince Guaraldi Giveaway


Happy Cyber Monday! Are you getting in the Christmas spirit?

Since I am a practicing "Christmas-starts-as-soon-as-Halloween-is-over" believer, I've been planning Christmas things for weeks now. I may have sent the invites for our Christmas party before it was even November.

All that to say, today I'm giving away a copy of my most favorite Christmas music of all time.

It's by Vince Guaraldi.

You may think you've never heard of Vince Guaraldi, but if you're an American person who was alive between 1965 and today, you've heard his music. He wrote the song Linus and Lucy as well as the scores for seventeen Peanuts television specials, including A Charlie Brown Christmas 

In reading about him this morning, I learned that the last song Vince Guaraldi played before he died was his interpretation of Eleanor Rigby. I think it's lovely.

Dann thinks he faked his death so he could become Freddie Mercury.

Anyway, I'd love to give you a copy of my most favorite Christmas music of all time, the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas. To enter, leave a comment below letting me know why you want it, or whether you think Vince Guaraldi is also Freddie Mercury, or just what you love about Christmastime. I'll announce a winner next Monday.