Happy Friday, folks! I cannot tell you how excited I am that it is now November. We listened to a bit of Charlie Brown's Christmas in the van yesterday AND had our first holiday Starbucks cups before last night's show. And I am SO excited about Christmas this year. Before you get too caught up in the holiday spirit though, please please do your civic duty and make time to get out and vote! Okay? Okay. Also, here are my favorite things from the Internet lately - just for you. Enjoy!

Hahahahahahaha. Christopher Loyd is my cousin and he is hilarious. You in?

YES. I like this girl.

In case you had any doubts about how spectacular Denver can be.

One more reason why I love Ben Gibbard.

I love this idea.

A stunning collection of images from photojournalists who are good at what they do.

Before they got their all access passes, and after.