How Did I Get So Lucky?



Have I ever told you how cool my husband is?  

His hard work has allowed me the opportunity to be here, by his side, traveling all over the country and listening to incredible live music every night. I certainly can't complain. 


He recently played some sick drums on this song called 'Cover Your Tracks' for his buddy, Dave Wilton (aka A Boy And His Kite). And, well, ya know, THE SONG WAS CHOSEN FOR THE TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN 2 SOUNDTRACK OMG NO BIG DEAL.  


He built this thing called 'Hymns 2012' from the ground up by teaching himself (with help from his brother) how to program. 

Pretty cool, right? 

In case you've never met him, let me assure you he's not all business all the time. He also loves doing things like watching Parks and Rec with me, cracking jokes from the show for days after we've seen it. He's hilarious and he loves me so so well. 

Seriously, how did I get so lucky?