Sharing The Mighty: Cherry Pie Edition


So here’s the deal.

One of the goals on my bucket list (and my Go Mighty profile) is to bake 100 different kinds of pie. This is a lifetime goal. I’d like to bake 100 different kinds of pie before I die. I’d really like to not die for many many years, so I’m not in a rush to get too crazy with the pies (I once baked a zillion different kinds of cupcakes in a year and that was dumb.) Summertime is a good time for pie, though, so you may see a lot of pie here in the coming weeks.

Before I put this goal on my list, I had already made a banana cream pie, homemade home run pies, a pumpkin pie, and a pecan pie. Maybe the goal should have been to make 96 different kinds of pie. 


My friend Hannah made a summer bucket list after she got done teaching and one of her goals was to make a cherry pie from scratch. When I read this, I decided immediately that we should tackle this one together. (I invited Hannah into the mighty once before, and it worked out brilliantly). So I found a recipe, Hannah picked up the cherries and a pitter, our friend Mary came over to take some of the photos, and we got to work.

I have to say, this was a time-consuming pie. I had to make the dough for the crust twice, because I accidentally killed the first batch by trying to take a shortcut via the food processor (never trust a shortcut in baking, friends). We couldn’t find sour cherries, so we used regular bings with a lot of lemon juice. We had to watch a tutorial on how to make a lattice top crust. We didn’t leave the pie in the oven long enough, so it was a bit more liquidy than we would have liked.


It didn’t fall apart, though.

It tasted delicious.

And it looked lovely both before and after we baked it, so we got a lot of good photos.


My favorite thing about this pie is that it was a collaborative labor of love. Through the long process of making it, I got to spend a summer afternoon with a couple of ladies whose company I enjoy very much, talking about life and love and what it’s all about. If the 95 remaining pies are as satisfying to make as this one was, I definitely won't be disappointed.