Hey hey! Happy Friday! Dann and Abe and I are wrapping up a week in Seattle and it has been so much fun. We really love this city and we've missed it more than we expected to in the handful of weeks since we moved back to Denver. We've also gotten to see our friends and meet baby Clayton and eat so many meals at Tom Douglas restaurants. So it's been a good week. Also, I'm verrrrry slowly working on finding a new writing rhythm, and I hope to have some new stories to share here soon. In the meantime, I'm definitely still collecting my favorite things from The Internet - just for you. Enjoy!

My kid's not big enough for these yet, but what a genius idea!

I've always loved this house from the outside. It has six bedrooms, 11 baths, and a carriage house. Now's our chance to own it! Who's in?

If this doesn't make you smile, you're probably dead inside.

"Shrink down into yourself around white people in command, make yourself small and quiet and do whatever it takes to keep them comfortable." Probably the best thing I've read in response to what happened in Charleston.

This is too cool. Someone at SPL should probably be getting a raise.

And you better believe this made my bookworm heart swell.

Monday Music: Moda Spira

Well good morning! I have something fun to tell you about today! 

My college roomie (and lifelong friend) Latifah has been making some new music as Moda Spira, and her indiegogo campaign is down to the wire. Tifah is one of the hardest working people I know, and her tenacity as an artist has inspired me over and over in the years I've known her.  

What's cool about this fundraising campaign is that there are all kinds of opportunities to interact with Tifah. She's offering background vocals for your song, a Skype session, a house concert, a listening party! I think she's going to be tired when it's all over.

Only 40 hours remain on the campaign, so go check it out!  


By the time you read this, if all goes according to plan, we'll be on our way to Provo with our little buddy asleep in the back seat of the Prius. I sort of can't believe that the day has already come for us to be on our way back to Denver, but here we are. Also, check out the sweet baby in these photos. Dann captured those smiles the other day while he and Abe waited for me to get ready to go see the doctor. Isn't he too much? I think he's the coolest. Anyway, it's been a while, so here are some of my favorite things from The Internet over the last six weeks since I had a baby - just for you. Enjoy!

I want to hang this photo on one of my walls.

Did you know Big Bird is played by an EIGHTY-ONE-YEAR-OLD MAN??

"There's an inherent tension as you nudge a child towards independence, with the expectation that he learn to fend for himself in the kitchen and elsewhere, especially when food is an essential way many parents express love." Well this got me in my feelings.

This is a place where I'd like to spend a weekend. Or a summer. Or a life.

Your tax dollars at work, folks.

Dann sent me this and I think it's super cool.

Road Trip Of My Dreams

As I type this, baby Abe is asleep in the Boba Wrap and I've got a batch of brownies made from a box mix in the oven and clean towels going in the dryer. This may be the most accomplished I have felt since giving birth and bringing this little wiggle worm home almost five weeks ago. He weighs more than ten pounds now and he's into his second month of life and we're starting to figure each other out a little bit, I think. He's a little champ, and I am so honored to be his mama.   

When I was in high school, I had a very vivid dream about taking a summer road trip across the country. I don't know who I was with or where we were going, but I remember feeling hopeful and excited both during the dream and when I woke from it. It's a dream I've envisioned repeatedly in the years since, wondering if that road trip - along with that sense of hope and excitement - would ever happen in real life.

Well, as crazy as it probably sounds (and feels, at the moment), Dann and Abe and I are packing up and moving back to Denver. Next week. Our lease is up at the place we've been living since we got to Seattle a year ago and, now that we have a child, the prospect of moving back to where most of our family and friends live just seemed more appealing than finding a bigger place here and potentially moving more than once in the next few years. I mean, who enjoys moving?

When we made the decision to come out to Seattle, neither one of us anticipated we'd be ready to move back to Denver just a year later. We also didn't know how much I would long to be near some of my best people while I was pregnant, and how badly we would want to be near our families once we brought the little guy home. So we gave living in a new place a shot and we had a blast and learned a whole bunch of new things and got some sweet time with some dear family and made what are sure to be some lifelong friends. Seattle has certainly been good to us, and leaving won't be easy.

But we're also really really excited.

I'll be honest, I'm a little nervous about making the drive and about disrupting the routine we've started to establish with the baby. He's doing such a good job eating and sleeping and pooping and peeing and I couldn't be prouder. But when all is said and done, I think our drive as a family of three back to the place I really think of as home might just be the road trip of my dreams.