These Are My People

When we decided to make the trek to Chipotle for lunch after church on Sunday, I was excited. I hadn't eaten Chipotle since before leaving Denver over two months ago, and I was craving a burrito. Just as we were finishing up our lunch, Casey Askew (of So You Think You Can Dance fame) walked in and stood in line. I contemplated leaving without saying anything to him, but I knew my sisters would never let me live it down if I did. I sent a group text to my two sisters, my cousin Calee, and our friend Janell, hoping they'd peer pressure me into talking to him. The following is what transpired.

Me: You guys. Casey is in the same Chipotle as me RIGHT NOW.

Calee: SHUT YOUR FACE!!!!! Can you take a photo?!?

Janell: sytycd Casey?!!?

Calee: I'm watching him dance RIGHT NOW!

Janell: ask him to turn for you; ask him what Cat Deeley smells like

Calee: And then video it!!

Amy: OMG be a superfan!!!!!!!! Take a pic!!!

Janell: Ask him to get Ade's number for me!!!

Kate: yessshhhhg Take a pic!!!!!

Calee: I'm so jealous!!

Janell: Why isn't he in LA? I'm so confused? Is #caseyheadedwest?

Amy: Ask him how Twitch does it and if he can please steal Mary Murphy's pinky ring for me.

Janell: I LOVE US!!!!!


Janell: Jenny you have to respond!! What is happening?? Are you getting a blog worthy story?!?!?

Calee: This long pause from Jenny better have a great outcome.

Kate: Please Lord get a pic!!! #sundayselfie

Calee: If he is dancing in Chipotle and you are not filming it, I will be so sad.

Calee: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Kate: Omggggaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

Me: He's from Seattle, just home for a couple days, then back to LA for the finale, then on tour!!! He was so sweet!

Janell: Your face is so amazing!!!! bahahahahahaha! This is the best!!!

Kate: Yes this is the best!!!!

I think what I actually said to Casey was: "Are you Casey? I'm a huge fan. Way to go this season. And in your whole life. You're a star." So not only did I get to eat a Chipotle burrito for lunch, I got to meet a dance superstar and share my excitement with some of my favorite ladies. It was a good day.  

Oh, and be sure to watch the season 11 finale! Tomorrow on Fox at 8/7 central.


Hey hey! Happy Friday. I snapped this photo almost two weeks ago when we went to Discovery Park while Janell was here visiting. Do you see the baby seal? I wanted to get a shot of his face, but I didn't want to get too close. If you come for a visit, we'll take you to this little spot - no guarantee you'll spot a seal, but there's a pretty cool lighthouse. I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite things from The Internet lately - just for you. Enjoy!    

This and this and this from David Simon, on Ferguson and civic responsibility.

Dance is magical, you guys. Just ask these kids

This one's for you, Janell.

I'm sure most Colorado parents say to themselves, "I understand the need to keep track of student proficiency in ways that are quantifiable and comparable, which is the main reason I'm going to make sure my kid is in school for the state-mandated standardized testing." Woof.

Tom Hanks is the coolest.

One Last Bake Sale Update


I'm so excited to share this little update with you!

Just before I left Denver back in June, I handed off a Tattered Cover gift card to my cousin Kelsey as the last step in this year's bake sale for books. Kelsey works as a NICU nurse at CU Hospital, and she sent me this update recently about the books she was able to purchase to help support the families with babies in the NICU.  

"In June, I purchased about 50 books and I have distributed 40 or so of them in the NICU...most of them are in Spanish (because that is what we were lacking). There are 2 book nooks in our unit and I was able to add about 20 books to each one. We encourage parents to read to their babies, especially when they are not able to hold them for whatever reason. There is tons of research that shows it promotes bonding between baby and mom/dad.  

I purchased 2 books (also in Spanish) for our parent lending library - we have a little bookshelf of books that parents can check out...all of the books are educational. I kept the other 15 or so children's books in my locker for nurses to give as gifts to specific families as they leave. I have already given one was fun to write a little note in it and tell the family about how it was donated! THANK YOU again and coworkers wanted me to communicate their thanks too!!!"

There you have it, folks. The final account of the serious good stuff you made happen. To those of you who helped (baked, donated, told your friends, etc.), thank you thank you once again from the deep well of happiness in my heart.


photo (12).JPG

You guys. We found an ice cream shop down the street that has, like, a hundred pinball machines and, hidden around the corner right next to the bathrooms, a freaking Ms. Pac-Man. We spent a couple of hours (but only a handful of dollars) there with our neighbors the other night. It won't be the last time, I can promise you that. In other news, my blogtern is coming to visit tomorrow! I'm excited to have another guest who will join me on trips around town to figure out more about this place. Maybe we'll even try sneaking into Canada. (Just kidding, we won't.) In the meantime, here are some of my favorite things from The Internet lately - just for you. Enjoy!

This is insane, yet unsurprising.

Have you been reading these stories? They're quite clever.

Pretty sure this kid has a bright future in broadcasting.

This is sad news. If you're in Denver, GO before it's too late!

"It's beautiful to watch people go through things, even when you aren't privileged to have the same reaction and, in the moment, are more of a spectator than participant." 100% agree

Helen Mirren is the coolest.

Seattle things I learned about this week: Vern Fonk, Meredith Grey's House, From Hiroshima To Hope Floating Lantern Ceremony